From the recording Growing Up


Woken up at the crack of dawn by a garbage truck and a barking dog
Slipped and fell on a baby doll, what a way to start my day
Went to the kitchen, turned the coffee on and we’re out of eggs and the milk is gone
Everything that could go right is going wrong, opened the door and it began to rain

But I’m not gonna let it get me down today…

‘Cause hey, its a good day
Say hey, its a good day
I’m alright, you’re okay
Hey, it’s a good day

Check the time and I’m late again, I’m already ready for this day to end
Stuck in traffic, I can’t win, spilled my coffee hope it doesn’t stain
Almost to the office, yeah I’m on the run, looking like I just came from a marathon
Did I forget to put deodorant on? If you see me, better stay away

There’s some things in this life that you just cannot change…